Ideal Embassy Headquarters Prestigious Villa For Sale Downtown Bucharest

Sectorul 2
Total land size:
2135 m2
Yard size:
1464 m2
Built area:
2018 m2
Usable area:
Price Total:
7500000 EURO
Plus VAT:


The Property is located in the City center, and is well known for hosting from 1939 to 2011 a significant part of a well-known embassy`s offices. Excellent position and street visibility, secure location, as well as easy access with public transportation (300m away the metro station Universitate).

The Property is provided with two generously sized street frontages (41m on the main street – access used for visitor admittance – and 48m on the secondary street – access used for employee parking, and visitor exit).

The building is set back from the main and secondary street lines, surrounded in “U” shape by garden, paved alleys and a spacious parkinglot. The original building preservs extremely well all decorations, stucco, and artswork(ceiling and door paintings, metalwork on doors and windows), splendid Meissen ceramic stoves, heavy wooden floors, while the “new” additions are similar to a B class office building(floor carpet, insulating window glass, false ceiling).

When the previous embassy left the building in 2011, all conections were cancelled with the neighbor buildings providing access from one building to the other(the previous embassy rented several neighbour properties and united them via artificial passages and a new fencing system). Since all buildings were also unified on utility provision matters, after the tenant`s leave, the owners had to reconnect the building to electricity and separate it from the neighbor houses. Although the property is currently guarded 24/7, the lack of a proper constant temperature inside the building led to an aesthetic problem like paint peeling from the walls(however absolutely no damage to the original stucco and artwork). Necessary also standard repairs like wooden floors requiring polishing, maintenance of light switches, window framework, carpeting, etc). Although still in good shape, the facade would require a fresh coat of paint.

The sumptuous main entrance leads to the front yard and paved alleys, an artificial pond, pine trees and shrub. There are car gates installed from the main street, but the main access for cars remains the secondary access point from secondary street.

The garden surrounds the building on the right side leading to the backyard with car gate and pedestrian access gate. The backyard is paved, providing parking space for up to 10-12 cars(or more). There is a small annex built for technical and personnel temporary housing purposes.

The fence surrounding the property limits is made of concrete and iron rails.


  • BASEMENT – 510.89 sq.m –15 rooms sized between 10 sq.m and 55 sq.m dedicated to storage, offices, technical space, etc;
  • GROUND FLOOR – 522.63 sq.m – 13 rooms sized between 13 and 40 sq.m, 2 bathrooms, a small kitchenette, two separate main access points with paved terraces and additional access points created by the former tenant and locked with reinforced one way doors, closing from inside;
  • FIRST FLOOR – 456.73 sq.m – 12 rooms sized from 11 sq.m to 58 sq.m, 2 bathrooms, a small balcony(1.76 sq.m), multiple hallways both wide and narrow;
  • ATTIC – 528.47 sq.m – with high ceilings and natural light, the attic was partially used by the former tenant for offices. However, it is an excellent open space(divided in two wings) to create either large meeting rooms, enclosed, private or shared, open office rooms.

The main stairway connects the ground floor with the first floor, while the secondary stairs provide access to all floor levels, including basement and attic.

Currently there are two gender bathrooms on each floor and a small kitchenette on the ground floor and first floor.

Facilities: high ceiling rooms, air conditioning, private central heating system (Viessmann), radiators.